Monday, March 23, 2009

"Homemade" Cookies in Minutes!!

I know everyone has seen these cookie mixes from Betty Crocker in the grocery stores. They are always on sale and with coupons, you can buy them for next to nothing or get them for free! I made a batch the other day, and used the stick of butter and egg that the recipe calls for. They turned out really flat, runny and crunchy. I experimented with the sugar cookie mix the next time I made them. Instead of the entire stick of butter, I only used 6 Tablespoons (softened) and the egg and they turn out tasting EXACTLY like homemade cookies--Soft, chewy, and yummy. I made the chocolate chip mix again tonight for a friend, and did the same thing and they turned out great!
So, if you ever need a quick dessert, a welcome plate of cookies for a neighbor or a teacher's treat that tastes like you made them from scratch, make these cookies using the 6Tbsp of butter and the one egg. You'll be pleasantly surprised.


Happy Four said...

I use the sugar cookie packets to save time. You are so right in that they are easy and such a deal with coupons. I will have to check out the chocolate chip ones!

Dolly said...

Yummy! Oh, and I bought the peanut butter cookies like those and added a hershey kiss on them and they were delish! People thought I had slaved over them all day from scratch.

Nancy said...

Good to know!!