Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cookies and Cream

Per Hannah's request! :) This dessert was brought to us after the twins were born and I've made it a ton since then. So easy and so good...especially with a cup of coffee!

1 package of Chips Ahoy Cookies (don't used the reduced fat - I tried them and it doesn't work as well)
2 large tubs of Cool Whip, thawed (the fat free tasted just fine)
1 cup milk

Pour milk in a small bowl. Take a cookie and dip the whole cookie in the milk for 3 seconds. Place the cookie in the bottom of a casserole/baking dish. Repeat until the bottom of the dish is covered.

Spread a layer of the Cool Whip over the cookies. The Cool Whip should be thick enough that you don't see any of the cookies, but don't worry if some of crumbs get mixed up in it.

Do another layer of cookies dipped in milk then follow with another layer of Cool Whip. Then take several cookies and crumble them on top of the last layer. Refrigerate for several hours before serving.

Two things - I ended up using probably 1 1/2 tubs of Cool Whip so you will most likely have some Cool Whip leftover. And, depending on the size of your baking dish or if your making several of these then you probably will want to buy two packages of cookies.


HPS said...

OK...I made this and it is totally Max's new FAV dessert!!!! He polished that bad boy of in about 2 sittings. He said I best be making this often. :)

CC said...

I made this at the beach two weeks ago and my family LOOOOVED it. So easy and really good.